What We Do

We offer a large range of solutions, services and products for our business customers. Here some of our offerings:

Voice Wholesalereliable and cost effective voice termination services for carriers and retail operators.

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SoftswitchesOur MSC softswitch is a versatile all-in-one platform.

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Data Servicesour wholesale data and IP products combine high performance with resiliency.

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Unified Communication Solutionindustry-leading unified communications solutions for businesses of all sizes

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SMS ServicesSMS termination, bulk SMS, A2P SMS - our platform provides a wide range messaging features

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Fraud Detection and PreventionOur fraud detection platform serves the forefront grounds in providing services for testing and identification of missing or manipulated CLIs

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FlatalkMoonStar's VoIP Flatalk product liberates international calling for everyone, everywhere

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Some Facts About Us

MoonStar Communications handels daily for more than 280 customers round about 5 million minutes daily voice traffic and 10 million sms per month. Our 15 years expirence in telecommunications and messaging market is just on of the facts that our customers appreciate.
Daily Minutes
Monthly SMS

Voice Wholesale

consistent, complete and cost effective voice termination

MoonStar Communications offers for carriers and retail operators consistent, complete and cost effective voice termination services through strategic partnerships and extremely competitive routing plans. As an international carrier MoonStar Communications cooperates with leading telecommunication providers in every region of the world. Our large network of Tier 1 partners, PTTs, City Carriers and Niche Providers ensures excellent quality to all possible destinations in the world.

Our Routes

MoonStar Communications offers three kinds of Routing tables


  • With Gold Routing, voice quality and availability are the top priorities. Price and quality are provided in a very good balance. When quality is compromised or limited in any way, an intervention response is activated in the routing process immediately to provide higher quality alternatives as available. The most of the destinations are CLI supported.


Best Routing
  • Platin Routing provides first class direct routing connections to ensure crystal clear voice quality. In the unlikely event of disruptions, an intervention response is activated in the routing and calls are re-routed to an overflow alternative. CLI functionality is always provided and guaranteed under this option.


  • Individual Routing offers a customized routing table where customers can use our carrier selection service and decide on their own which quality or which supplier they want to use for every single destination.


We enable your business to launch into the mobile network space

MoonStars Mobile Virtual Network Enabler services include all operations support systems like the infrastructure needed to run the virtual operator's network. The different fields where a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler takes oveare Telecom (SMS, prepaid, services) or OSS (Revenue assurance, Mediation and provisioning of the resources so that the MVNO can get its target of customers and revenue). Customer Care services like Billing, SIM Management and also managing the revenue share are also taken care of by the Mobile Virtual Network Enabler. Part of the marketing process is taken over as well; packaging, distribution and the product development. It also handles valued added services and features like WAP, app integrations and subscriber analytics.



International calling for everyone, everywhere

Flatalk uses real phone lines which means we can guarantee excellent call quality Offers. We’re cheap as hell. We consistently analyze traffic to give you the best possible deal and rates based on your calling behavior. We can give you a unique experience with exceptionally low rates and stable phone lines. That’s why we connect more than a billion minutes of calling every year. Flatline Users get free international calls between each other


Our MSC softswitch is a versatile all-in-one platform.

The MoonStar Softswitch is a versatile all-in- one platform that seamlessly integrates all the tools service providers need to deliver, manage and bill for a wide range of competitive VoIP services. A customizable and scalable solution, the MoonStar Softswitch adapts to the provider’s brand and business model, scales as they grow and allows providers to manage resellers and agents. The platform is managed from a central web user-interface that gives service providers precise control over their operations using a suite of advanced monitoring and system management tools.

Data Services

our wholesale data and IP products combine high performance with resiliency.

MoonStars Wholesale’s data and IP products combine high performance with resiliency, enabling you to maximise your service uptime, ensuring a reliable service experience for you and your customers. This will in turn help you to drive the customer loyalty you need to compete in this increasingly competitive market.
With a host of Data & IP solutions to suit your needs, talk to us today about how we can help you with data.


Unified Communication Solution

industry-leading unified communications solutions for businesses of all sizes

MoonStar offers industry-leading unified communications solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our solutions are simple yet comprehensive, flexible, and reliable. The way we interact with colleagues and customers is constantly changing. Modern communications solutions have transformed the way we work, making it possible for us to connect with others in multiple ways. Today's workforce demands more than just voice solutions, and instead, requires acomplete communications solution that lets them interact with ease, in ways that they prefer.
Unified communications and collaboration solutions make it easy to call, chat, screen share and video conference from a single solution that is integrated with your business phone system. By delivering a total solution, it eliminates multiple screens and enables users to increase productivity, streamline workflows and collaborate with ease.

SMS Services

A2P SMS, Bulk SMS, SMS termination

Marketing SMS has been widely adopted as a great way of communicating important information to clients due to its many benefits such as convenience, effectiveness and affordability.
MoonStar is offering four separate options to interconnect as shown below: SMS Direct Interconnection, SMS Interworking via International Service Providers and Bulk SMS Services and A2P Services.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Call Quality Performance Testing for Fraud Detection and Prevention

Telecom pirates use new technological innovations like SIM servers to have control over SIM boxes residing anywhere around the world. To avoid detection, they tend to virtualize SIM cards so that SIMs can be assigned to modems and rotated between calls. By doing this, the traffic volume, which is dependent on a single SIM card, is abridged to the extent that it falls off the usage pattern analysis radar.
There are a number of ways that telecom pirates use to intercept phone calls and texts.
MoonStar’s capabilities to provide significant quality testing services are based on the investment in globally located call origination and termination points, allowing for the proficient identification of missing or manipulated CLIs (Calling Line Identification) via network test calls.
MoonStar serves the forefront grounds in providing services for testing and identification of missing or manipulated CLIs (Calling Line Identification). MoonStars Solution is the comprehensive approach of MoonStar to detect fraudulent activity for intercepting phone calls and texts, with its up to date Test Call Generation System.